Sunday, September 30, 2012

VEGA D-36 Lathe Duplicator

A few years ago my son and I took a drive from High Point NC to a little spot on the map in SC that I don't believe had a name, to take possession of a Total Shop clone of a Shopsmith.  There was a jointer, a bandsaw, a jigsaw and a belt sander, but what I couldn't take my eye off was a VEGA lathe duplicator and another odd duplicator that were in the pile of tools on the floor of the barn.  I was thrilled to learn that everything I saw was part of the deal that I already negotiated on the phone.  The duplicator is a D-36, which means it is designed to duplicate spindles up to 36" in length.  Considering that my lathe has a 34" capacity, it looks like I'm good to go. 

Here's a video of the duplicator that I found on Youtube.

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